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Corpse Bride

This is normally not my kind of film, but I love anything that is creative and Tim Burton doesn’t ooze creativity, he is a virtual firehose of creativity. The film also featured the voice of Johnny Depp and who doesn’t like Johnny Depp? I used to watch him on 21 Jump Street and I thought every single member of that show was the coolest – especially Richard Grieco – I wanted to be Richard Grieco… but back to the Corpse…

This movie is disturbing at first, and the idea of corpses living and breathing and singing – well, let’s just say that is not normally my cup of tea, but this particular cup was sweetened with a large sugary lump of love that made it quite pleasing to the palate. It’s a musical, it’s a dramedy, it’s a love story. I actually give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Flight Plan

I thought this movie was going to be like Panic Room in the sky, boy was I wrong! Jodie Foster is a mother and her maternal instincts kick into full gear when she wakes up to find her daughter missing. There are a few plot stretches, but man, this movie blew me away. I was totally confused and on the edge of my seat the entire time. It is 10 times better than Panic Room.

Let me know if you’ve seen either and tell me what you thought, I MUST know.

One more thang, I am about to head over to Costco to get a Churro, I’ll post a pic if I get some! Yeah!

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