My Neck, My Back! My Neck AND My Back!

And on the 900,456,600 day, God created Eddo. Unfortunately, Eddo decided to bulk up to a sizeable 330 pounds. He played Ultimate Frisbee and twisted his ankles – repeatedly. He pulled his hamstring while skiing and decided to keep running his daily run despite his injury. A shoulder dislocation in high school and a couple of head contusions later and Eddo wonders why in the world his body hurts from head to toe after playing 1 hour of basketball.

At the spry age of 29 Eddo has noticed that his knees hurt during the night after doing 2 hour dance rehearsals. After trying to squat 405 pounds he found that his back and neck hurt, and after multiple workouts with heavy weights he has started to feel pain and tingling in his elbow, shoulder, and wrist regions.

Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Fish Oil, and MSM have been added to his diet regime. Upon trying Knox Gelatin joint supplement he almost projectile vomited, however, he figures – no pain, no gain, so he continues to force himself to choke down the Knox.

He has considered taking shark cartilage and Nutrijoint, but he is not certain if it is possible to overdose on gelatinous medicines – does anyone else know?

For real ya’ll, if you know anything about joint pain medicines and you have tried some that work, please pass along that knowledge to me. I workout hard, but I really don’t think I should be in this much pain. There is good pain, and there is bad pain – I’d prefer to have none of the latter.

Side Hugs for the ladies, Knuckles for the fellas.


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