Weekend up Date

I know you have all been waiting with breath that is bated, so without further adieu I will tell you that the date went very well Saturday. I am a bit out of practice and so I forgot how much work is involved with a first date. There is the choosing of the location – we went to Campisi’s, then there is the taking of the clothes to the cleaners, and then of course the purchasing of the flowers. I didn’t realize that tulips were out of season, but they were so I went with a mixed bunch that was really quite pleasing to the eye.

When I picked up my date she looked amazing as expected. I only take out amazing girls, and she did not disappoint. The great thing about this particular girl is that she laughs easily and so I didn’t even have to put on my clown nose or make her any balloon animals to make her smile.

Dinner at Campisi’s was delicious. We had the best garlic cheese bread and she had the eggplant parmesan and I had the fettuccini alfredo.

After dinner we went to a frozen custard shop called Wild About Harry’s on Knox Henderson. We got our ice cream and walked around and did some window shopping and just talked. It was a very pleasant evening.

I also went and saw A History of Violence with Viggo Mortensen. There were some extremely graphic scenes – sexual – that I found shocking. The movie was really violent as well. It was riveting and interesting, but man, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because fo the sexual content. I heard a review on the radio and it didn’t say anything about the bad content, just that it was a “must see”.

One other bizarre thing happened to me this weekend. I put a dark blanket over my bedroom window so I could sleep late on Sunday. I didn’t wake up until 2 in the afternoon! In my 29 years of existence I haven’t slept that late – unless I was sick. I was so shocked. I checked the clocks all ove the house to see if I was maybe being punked or something, but alas, I was just a lazy bum that apparently needed some extra z’s.

And lastly, I will be performing my first big show with the MAV’s ManiAAC’s this Sunday for the Mavericks Fan Jam. It’s free to get in and only 5 bucks for parking so if you aren’t busy and you want to see a good show, come check us out.

Holla back!

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