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The Crunch Club

My sisters and I were very close growing up. Currently our ages are 29, 30, and 31. My sisters are so close in age that they are less than a full year apart, their birthdays fall on October 21st and the 26th and so for 5 days they are the same age. They are named after the sisters on Bewitched Samantha and Sabrina even though when I was a kid they went by Dena and Precious. (Dena now goes by Sam and Precious is her real first name)

When we were little we always hung out together. I can remember the distinct sound our “Big Wheels” and “Green Machines” made as we raced down the asphalt on Squires drive in the Colony. We swam together in creeks and ponds, we climbed trees and played soccer and kickball, and no matter what we always took care of each other.

One summer, I recall us starting our own club – The Crunch Club. We got the name becuase we always went around saying, “Crunch Y0ur Cookie” and then making a hand gesture in that person’s face like the crunching of a cookie. I adored my sisters, I loved those times of hanging out with them and I never really missed not having a brother.

My sisters did everything I did – they rode bikes with me, went fishing with me, taught me how to do cartwheels and match my clothes. They taught me how to play jacks and jump rope, and crossword puzzles, and how to cheer. We made cakes in their easy-bake oven and funny faces on our light-brite. We played Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Shoots and Ladders, and Monopoly until the games were worn out.

My sisters made mums for my homecoming dates and helped me fix my hair. When I was really little and we went on long trips they would let me stretch out in the back seat my head on one of their laps and my feet on the other. They were, and still are my best friends.

I had a great childhood because of my sisters, and I always appreciated the fact that they included me in everything they did, even in the silly things, like The Crunch Club.

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