Mavs ManiAAC First Appearance

Just got in from a great night. We welcomed 200 ladies into the AAC, took lots of pictures with maniAAC fans, and even did a little bit of dancing.

“Basketball for Women One-on-One” is a night where ladies only Mavs fans get to come and see behind-the-scenes of Mavericks Basketball. They meet some of the players, the get to see the Mavs man dunk a few basketballs, the get dinner and there are prizes and drawings and a few other fun things for the women to do.

There are 5 of us rookies and we escorted women to the dining room in large groups and just talked with them and made sure that they had a good time. All was going well until I told this one sweet girl in a wheel chair that I would take her down to where they were eating in the elevator. We went up first by accident, then down to the wrong floor and then back up to where we began and finally someone showed us how to get to where we were going. Fortunately her mother was a good sport about it and so was she, but I was actually getting a little frazzled! It was as if I was holding them hostage in an elevator or something and it was fast becoming a real life panic room.

After the show was over we went out to dinner and the Mavs paid for it. People came up to us and asked us if we were Mavs dancers and we said yes and people applauded. It was just a little bit of celebrity but it felt real nice.

The ladies were super fun, I especially love the older ladies that want to get pictures and are so sweet and just wonderful to be around.

Lots of love my peeps!

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