A Blog Friend Weekend

This weekend was great. I don’t get to meet many of my readers face-to-face, but when I do I find that it is always a treat. Some wonderful new friends, Amstaff Mom and her husband “Brian” came to my house last month for their first blogger party and last night they hosted the second blogger party and Cav came along and we all met her for the first time! (Wow, that was a logn sentence, probably some bad punctuation in there, sorry EM!)

Anywho, Amstaff Mom’s house was lovely, I was especially fond of the rich brown color of the walls in the living room and the color f the carpet, and the counter tops. Everything was so open and inviting, I loved it. I also had the pleasure of staying the night and that was fun too! Meeting bloggers online and then staying the night at their house! Who would’ve thought.

We stayed up playing Buzz Word, Cranium, and Catch Phrase. One of my favorite lines from the night was when Cav said, “I always related KFC chicken to funerals because when I was growing up my grandmother died and everyone brought over buckets of KFC fried chicken” and without missing a beat, Roget, Jes’ Husband said, “They did it because someone just kicked the bucket.”

I almost busted a gut I laughed so hard.

Then later during catch phrase Cav passed on a word, later she asked, “What is a TOE-BA-GONE – and then she spelled it “TOBOGAAN” More shrill laughter was had by all.

Dinner was great too, Amstaff Mom made delicious spaghetti and we had garlic cheese bread and salad and Cav brought Tiramasu and KT made cookies – so good!

Then this morning when I was leaving Amstaff Mom made me take home my diet cokes that I brought and I didn’t realize until later that she had stuffed the left over cookies in the box! Delighted I was! Thank AM!!!

Then today at church with my parents I had the pleasure of meeting blogger friend MSTHANG! Her real name is Sarah and I don’t know her blog address at the moment so if you know it please provide it. She was a gem and she drove all the way from Michigan to see my sister and me and my mother. How cool is that? Very.

To cap off my evening I had my mav’s dancing at the AAC in the underground practive stadium. It was really cool and afterwards some of the maniaacs went out to eat with the girl dancers. It was fun being with all the pretty girls, but I didn’t really have much to talk about with them since it seems that all they do is dance and I like to dance about as much as any dude, but I want to talk about other stuff too. So I talked about movies that involved dancing and luckily there are quite a few of those and so I didn’t feel like an uber dork surrouned by hot girls with nothing to say. It is against the rules to date the dancers so don’t worry I won’t be dating a Mavs dancer – besides, I met someone this weekend that I am WAY more interested in than any Mavs dancer.

Oh, and tomorrow night I have my first MAVS gig at the AAC. It is a one-on-one ladies basketball night. So there will be a few hundred women that I am supposed to mingle with – should be fun.

So that should catch you up-to-date with my life – what’s new with yours?

Love. Love. Love.

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