Opportunity Lost

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.” -Napoleon Bonaparte.

At 29 I have accomplished everything that I thought I would accomplish in the first 3 decades of my life, except a wife and a couple of children, but that topic is for an entirely different post.

At each stage of my life I always seem to be involved with a group or organization that doesn’t really use me to my full potential. I have big dreams, a bevy of creativy, and if you ask a select handful of people that I hypnotized, they would tell you that I am a visionary!

I used to work as a High School leader and there were so many times that I had ideas that seemed to fall on deaf ears. After being a leader for 5 years I watched new leaders given opportunities and responsibilities that should have fallen to the more experienced leaders. I understand that it is important to train new people and to give them new challegnes, but you have to reward the people that have paid their dues.

Most of the time I find that I am limited at work. In the past 3 years in my current position I have “raised my hand” repeatedly when my boss has asked a question and my hand is always ignored.

29 years of living and I feel like a race horse stuck behind the gate, when the gun is fired, my gate isn’t opened. Filled with so much ability and desire I beg to be released so that I can run full throttle with my ideas, but instead I amled back to the stables, my head hung in disappointment.

Even more disheartening is sitting back and watching other less experienced and less abled people running free. Time and money is spent training them and getting them into shape when they already have a perfect work horse for the job – me.

So it’s time to take over the reins…

Over the last 6 months I have been conjuring up some ways to get out from behind this lock and key, but I haven’t made it out quite yet. When I do get free just call me Seabiscuit, cause once I am let loose, I am going to be unbeatable and there will be no more opportunities lost.

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