Straight from the Couch Volume I


Who is watching it? If you aren’t, then you are missing one of the greatest shows on the telly. After so much build up last year of the hatch and what was going to be in the hatch, I thought surely they would open the hatch and that inside there would be nothing more than a big black hole filled with bats or something. Another thought I had was that it would transport you to another dimension – which I think is a great idea.

So what WAS in the hatch? It was a dude! And not just any dude either, but a dude that Jack had met years before while running in a big stadium. And the guy had been living in this hole and he had running water and electricty! How was that possible? How was he locked in a big hole in the ground for who knows how long? Where did he get food? And what happened to all the people that took off on the raft? THIS SHOW IS BLOWING MY MIND!!!


I watched Invasion after LOST and it was a snorefest. They didn’t add enough supernatural elements to make it cool. I

Kitchen Confidential

Who watched KC this week? I thought it was decent. It reminds me of the cast of ER if the cast of ER was suddenly thrust into a kitchen. I plan to check it out again.

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