Stop Beating Around The Bush!!!

I was going to post this under my “How to Annoy Me” section, but I felt like venting here today.

One of my biggest pet peeves, or maybe it is the biggest pet peeve I have, is beating around the bush.

When someone wants to know something instead of just coming out and asking it they ask 10 questions that lead up to what it is that they want to ask.

I don’t know if it is American culture or just human nature, but if you want something from Eddo just come out and ask me.

Don’t use this approach…

“Hey Eddo, what are you doing this weekend?”

“I am not sure yet, laundry, work, I don’t know”

“Have you seen Black Hawk Down?”

“Yes, and I hated it.”

“Did you see We Were Soldiers?”

“Yes, I really liked it”

“Did you watch Saving Private Ryan?”

“Yes, what is your point”

“Well, this weekend that new movie Lords of War is coming out and I was wondering if you wanted to go and see it.”

“No. I did want to see it, but you annoyed me while you were asking me if I wanted to see it and now I don’t want to see it anymore!”

Lately I seem to be surrounded by people who can’t just ask the question, instead they want to beat around the bush and waste valuable eddie time.

Just this morning Maksim called and said, “What are you doing?” What does it matter what I am doing, what do you freakin’ want? Just spit it out!

I am really venting this morning because I just called Cingular and they asked like 18 questions about a customer and I finally said, “I just want to disconnect the phone what is the point of all these questions?” And he replied, “Well, you called the wrong department I will have to transfer you.” It is a good thing I can’t teleport myself because that man would have had some serious bodily injuries to deal with today.

I am in no mood for too many questions people. NO MOOD.

Now let’s all work on being more direct.

Full Frontal Hugs for everyone!

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