I started Mavs ManiAAC Bootcamp tonight – I literally just got home from the two hour training that really overwhelmed me more than I thought it would.

We introduced ourselves, we told how much we weighed, and then we got down to business and started dancing. There were only 4 new guys and about 14 ManiAAC’s that knew all the dance steps and had to go through the dances that they already knew so that we could catch up.

Despite the fact that the average weight in the room was about 300 they had us dancing and dancing almost non-stop. I was breathing so hard at one point that I thought I was going to pass out. Our instructor, Chelle, teaches the Mavs Dancers as well and she did not cut us any slack!

She went from room to room and got us started and then moved to the other room where the Mavs girls were. I am extremely excited about getting to dance with them! Rockin’!

They told us that if we make it through the training, work hard, show up on time, and we are excited then we will have no problem making the roster.

Pumped I was, pumped I am.

The great thing about being a ManiAAC is that the classes are a great workout and there are a couple of guys on the team that are straight up skinny and so I don’t have to worry about losing weight and getting booted off the team! Yeah!

So, I would say right now I am 90% going to be a ManiAAC this year and I am SUMO excited.

Love you all.

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