It’s a PEE Post

I only recently learned that Asparagus makes your PEE smell funny. I had it on Saturday night and then my PEE smelled funny for exactly 68.2 hours after I had eaten the Asparagus. What does that mean?

Secondly, I am a dude, and I ALWAYS stand when I PEE. However, recently I learned that some dudes like to SIT AND PEE! WHAT? WHY?

The thought of sitting and PEEING when I can stand and PEE is totally vexing. I am so vexed right now.

Guys that read this, I don’t want to know, I don’t EVEN want to know if you sit when you pee, just do me this favor – cease and desist with the sit and PEE. We are men and this is one BLESSING we got from God, do not throw it in his face!

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