Human Prozac

I am currently reading Four Blind Mice by James Patterson. Alex Cross is the protagonist in the story and if you aren’t a reader then you might have seen “Kiss the Girls” or “Along Came a Spider” which were both movies based on novels by Patterson.

Cross is a cool guy. Calm. Collected. Grounded. One thing I love about his character is that he is very genuine and loving with his family and his friends. This post isn’t about Four Blind Mice, but about a simple line from the book that made me stop and think about my friends.

Alex Cross: “I loved being with Samson. Always had, always would.”

I paused when I read this line and I thought about my close friends and that wonderful feeling of being with them. Most of my closest friends and family don’t live in Plano and so when I get to see good friends it is extremely special to me. (Braun, Alan, Jimmy, Joe, why did ya’ll move so far away!)

I am not sure what it is like for girls, but I know for guys that there is just something great about being with your best buds. You can easily slip into “friend speak” where you know all the inside jokes, you know the right buttons to push to get a rise or a laugh, and you know that come hell or high water these friends will always have your back.

When I read that line from Four Blind Mice I paused and thought about who I am the most comfortable around on the entire planet and I have to say it is Cody Miller. Not that I don’t have many buddies that I feel comfortable around(Dumas, Nate Dawg you know I love you guys), but Cody is like human Prozac, to be around him is like getting a second-hand high at a Dave Mathews concert. You never get tired of him and now that I think about it when I am around him I always have the munchies.

Cody is a kid that I mentored when he was in High School. He is now 22 and he recently lost his dad. He amazes me everyday at how well he has stepped up to the plate and has taken care of his mom and other household duties. Recently he started dating a great girl named Amy and he started EMT school, despite the fact that he is crazy busy, he still puts God and his family first.

Fortunately, I don’t need Prozac all that often, but when times get crazy and I just want to chill, I give Cody a call. I love not only being around him, but his entire family is a blast and I love them to pieces.

Code man, if you are reading this, thanks for being such a blessing. I love you tons.

Who is your human Prozac?

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