Mav’s ManiAAC Update

Last night I went to the Miller’s house and Travis Miller helped me film my audition tape. I must give MAD PROPS TO TRAVIS MILLER becuase he not only took the time to help me film the video, he also helped guide me down a creative path that is sure to get me at least in person audition.

I so wish that I new how to convert VHS to Digital so I could play the video for you, maybe I will figure it out this week. I have two tapes and so the one I don’t send in I can use to try to make digital copies.

I start out on the video with Shaun(Travis’ Brother-in-Law) and I looking at the computer discussing music choices, Shaun says, “I know, try this one” and a classical song comes on and I start ballet dancing. I cut the music and we start looking for songs again and then the scene cuts to me doing Riverdance with my shirt tied up so my belly is hanging out.

Then I do the interview, and then I dance for real to Kanye West’s song Gold Digger in an afro and glasses and then I dance sans afro in a Superman shirt which I take completely off and I dance topless for a bit.

Then at the end there is a short blooper reel where I made some mistakes in the interview and me dancing to the Black-Eyed-Peas Song “My Humps”.

I am going to mail it here in a bit and I am extremely excited. Often times I get excited about doing something and then I can’t get the video done in time and this time I did it!

Again, I have to say SUMO THANKS to Travis Miller. Travis, I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU MAN!


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