How Japan Came to Be

Once upon a time there was an emperor of China who wanted to live forever. He was a great emperor who had united China as one nation. He tasked many of the best doctors and scientists in his empire to bring him a medicine that would help increase his life, however, they all failed and so the emperor killed them.

Finally, the emperor found one man who said he could make this medicine, but he needed 500 teenage boys and 500 teenage girls and 2 large boats. He also requested lots of food and told the emperor it would take a long time to test the medicine and he would need all of these boys and girls to help him with the testing of the medicine. The emperor believed the brilliant scientists and gave him everything that he requested. That man took the young girls and boys to the island of Japan and started a whole new country.

Japanese is a derivative of Chinese and if you look closely at a lot of the Japanese characters you will notice that they are a less complex version of the same Chinese characters. As the years passed on Japan the original characters were broken down and this new language was developed.

So now you have the new Posted Note look with an inspiring story to enjoy it with.

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