You are just Bitter because I am Better!

Over the weekend I went down to Waco to see my brother from another mother – Joe Bruner. And of course my sister that you can’t resister – Amber – Joe’s Wife – Hi Amber!

I love going to Waco because it means I get to workout with Joe, ride bikes with Joe, go to the movies with Joe, and pig out with Joe. In Plano I have no best friends and Joe really is like a brother. We are like Turk and JD from Scrubs. (If you don’t watch Scrubs then you aren’t really living)

The diet gets put on hold for the weekend and we eat cookies and mexican food and barbecue until we are about to explode!

Amber had to work most of the day Saturday so Joe and I went to The Transporter 2 with Jason “Kick Yo Butt” Statham. There were a couple of scenes that were ridiculously over-the-top, but the movie had everything I was expecting – explosions, butt-kicking, car chases, more explosions and a little more butt-kicking!

Saturday night Joe and I went to Ninfa’s and it was so good. When I go to Ninfa’s I get the Las Verdes which is three enchiladas, two stuffed with fajita chicken and one stuffed with pork. The sauce is creamy and then it is topped with avacado slices and served with the most wonderful rice and beans. It is so good that the world melts away and I am no longer aware of my surroundings. Joe had expected a number of people to join us and I told Joe numerous times, “No offense Buddy, but Ninfa’s is so wonderful that I don’t even need you to be with me in order for me to enjoy it.”

Later that night we played cards and about 6 people showed up to play with us, some of which read Posted Note! Amy, Christy (who I accidentally called Tamara), Mark, and a few others were with us and we were all having a good time. For some reason I got talked into doing some of my Spartan cheers and this girl named Amy, who is very cool and does improv type stuff, said something like, “It was alright”, and I just came right back with, “Oh, You are just bitter because I am better!” And everyone went “awww” like I was being serious and I totally wasn’t. If people really knew me then they would know that despite what I say and do I am really humble as I know I am just a big dumb ape that every now and then has the ability to get people to laugh, and most of the time it is by mistake!

I left Waco hoping to get to see Cody Miller, but I couldn’t reach him by phone and I thought maybe he and his family had loaded up the camper and went to Beaver’s Bend or something and so I just came back to Plano and chillaxed a little.

So how was your weekend? Did you insult anyone?

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