A Snippet of Truth from Dean Koontz

If you haven’t noticed already, I like to write. I also love to read and one of my all-time favorite authors is Dean Koontz. I have read everything that he has written and I am ecstatic that he puts out a new novel about every 6 months. Last year he started his own version of Frankenstein.

Koontz’s Frankenstein is alive today and is 200+ years old. His body has been kept alive by his many advances in scientific medicine and he is creating a society of superhumans that have two hearts and extraorinary healing powers. One day Dr. Frankenstein plans to take over the world. This new book is actually a series of books he is wriging all entitled “Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein” and I am currently reading book two – City of Night.

What I love about Koontz is that each of his books have a brilliant underlying message. In this current book, City of Night, Frankenstein’s creation’s are starting to fall apart. He has created them without the capacity to love or to hope. They have no free will, they only have one purpose and that is to carry out the will of their creator. They have been implanted into society and they sit around envious of the human race because they have the ability to have children, to hope, and to love. They desire to kill or to commit suicide to give them some release from the horror that is their lives, but they have been programmed and so suicide and murder are forbidden.

Here is a brilliantly written excerpt that even out of context I think you will still grasp its enormity…

“Emotions are funny things, Mrs. Helios. Maybe it’s better, after all, to be
limited to only envy and anger and fear and hate – because those feelings are
circular. They turn endlessly back on themselves, like a snake swallowing its
tail. They lead to nothing else, and they keep the mind from hope, which is
essential when hope will never be fulfilled.”

A good novel will keep you entertained, a great novel will teach you something new and teach you something about yourself.

I don’t know if Koontz is a christian, but I know he knows of God. You cannot write the way he does without the knowledge that we are not alone in this world. If you don’t already read Koontz, then start today!

And since I am speaking of books today, Nikki Johnson a dear friend of mine, sent me this link –

It is a very cool concept. It is a hotel that is themed after a library and you can actually request to stay in a particular room filled with the literature that you like! Awesome! Go check it out! (thanks Snik!)

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