Red Eye

No need for Visine, this one is a keeper…

Rachel McAdams you are an on-screen wonder. I loved you in “The Notebook” opposite Ryan Gosling. How I envied him, the way he got to hold you, to look into your eyes, to kiss your perfect lips. Your hair was strawberry blonde and it suited you so well. You were passionate and alive and so full of raw energy, you made me swoon.

Then I saw you again in Wedding Crashers. Raven black hair, blue eyes, smooth creamy skin. I wanted to press my cheek against yours, I wanted to hold you, to laugh with you, to tell you that I would make all of your dreams a reality. You were so close to me, yet still so far away.

Most recently I watched you in your latest movie, “Red Eye”. Again you changed your hair, but it did not detract for your glorious beauty. Like the same jolt of electricty that brought Dr. Frankenstein’s creation to life, you bring me to life.

I must admit that your acting skills were superb in Red Eye, the movie was riveting, the storyline was brilliant, but the movie would have been nothing without you. Nothing.

Rachel, you have inspired me to lay my soul bare before thousands, you have smitten me with your style, your grace, your warmth. I want you, I need you, I can’t live without you.

Will you marry me?

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