Eddo’s New Gal

I had heard people talk about her, but I wasn’t interested. To me she looked a little too much like all the other girls on the block. I avoided her time and time again despite the fact that the more I saw her the more attracted to her I became. Finally I decided to give her a chance and now I think I am in love.

I have been seeing her now on a daily basis. We have breakfast and lunch together almost every day. She always has cold iced tea waiting for me, a flaky biscuits for breakfast, hot sandwiches for lunch.

She is such a sweet gal, all my friends love her too. Sometimes I call her Cutie, sometimes QT, but her name is Quick Trip.

Quick Trip, QT, I am sorry it took so long for me to realize how amazing you are. Since we met you have brought countless joys to me life. I love you just the way you are, never change.

Yours Forever,


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