I used to workout at 24 hour fitness in Plano. There was this extremely hot girl that would come in and workout at the same time I always came in and worked out. (I totally think she wanted me) Anyway, this particular hottie always wore Juicy Couture sweat suits when she worked out, and if you know about Juicy sweats then you know that they say “Juicy” on the buttocks region.

Obviously because of the way God created men my eyes are drawn to this area of a woman’s body and due to several locker room discussions I know that it is a common area of interest among men. So without being Captain Obvious here, I would like to point out that a women’s derrie aire is a natural billboard and I would like to start using them to advertise!

So ladies, if you would like to make some money on the side I would like to lease your booty. I would like to run ads for Blog Jacket and I will be willing to pay you one dollar for every day that you wear my Blog Jacket logo on your bottom. This new type of advertising will be referred to as Buttvertising and I expect it to be the next big thing… no pun intended.

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