Thank God in Heaven!

Posted Note is back up! You don’t even understand what this means, it means that I can start living again.

So many times I did something and I wanted to blog about it and I knew that I couldn’t and I was spiraling into a deep depression. Just this morning I ran out of my Zoloft, my Paxil, and my Welbutrin due to the fact that I had to increase my dosage just to stay sane.

A quick movie review while I have you here…

GO SEE FOUR BROTHERS! Ladies, I don’t know if you will like it because this is a guys movie through and through, but it blew me away. Lots of crass humor, but no nudity this action packed suspense drama will keep you engrossed from beginning to end. Mark Whalberg, Tyrese, and Andre Benjamin tore it up!

Alright, more funny posts later.

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