A Note of Caution

Sunday night I went to a friends house to see their new baby. Upon arrival some other friends came with us and a long time girl-friend said, “Eddie, does your truck really need these rain gaurds?”

She tapped on them and looked at me like my rain gaurds were a little cheesy.

A. The rain gaurds were specially coordinated with the interior of my truck and it came with them.

B. My truck is brand new to me and any negative comments are not allowed or tolerated.

Fortunately in times like this I carry a magical powder that will transport anyone who has just said a negative comment to me into the 5th dimension. I sprinkled it liberally over my friend and she disappeared and took her negative mouth with her. (I am still a little bitter?)

I don’t think ladies realize the importance of a guy’s car. Some of you may already realize this, but to a man a car is like a woman. We love it. We want to show it off and we take care of it. Any negative mention of our car or our woman is extremely offensive.

It doesn’t matter to me that my friend didn’t like the rain gaurds on my truck, big deal. It was the fact that she didn’t realize that it just wasn’t cool to say something negative about it. It was just uncouth.

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