The Downside to “The Upside”

I watched “The Upside of Anger” on Saturday. Kevin Costner and Joan Allen are cast well in this film. There are four daughters in the film that are pretty recognizable. Keri Russell from Felicity, Alicia Witt who I remember from a few episode’s of HBO’s Six Feet Under, and Erika Christensen who played a brilliant role in the movie Traffic and bears a striking resemblence to Julia Stiles. Evan Rachel Wood is the fourth and youngest daughter and it appears that she is no newbie to the big screen, but I don’t recall seeing her in any of her previous films.

Joan Allen plays a bitter woman who believes she has been left by her husband. Kevin Costner comes along as the friendly neighbor to console her, but she is just unwilling to be consoled. She is bitter, and mean, and nasty, and at no point in the entire movie did I find myself feeling sorry for her. I actually felt like she probably deserved to be left by her husband. No one could possibly be that mean to their daughters just because their husband had left them. I would think it would be just the opposite, I would think a mother with 4 daughters would draw strength from her children in a time like that. Maybe I am wrong.

I cannot count the number of times while watching this movie that I wondered, “What just happened?” Scenes would begin and end and have no purpose at all whatsoever. At least 5 of the scenes were perfect for the “Deleted Scenes” reel because they just didn’t fit.

The movie also missed multiple opportunities to be really wonderful. I kept hoping that someone would say something amazing that would help move the movie along and that it wouldn’t all be just one big awfully depressing time. My hope was in vain.

The Downside to The Upside is that it never really flows well. There never really is an upside to anger. They try to make you think there is one, but there really isn’t.

Don’t go watch this movie unless you are depressed and you want something to push you deeper into a pit of despair.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I love you.

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