Taste “Buds”

While pondering about some of my relationships I realized that my friends are a lot like food.

Take Bill for example – Bill is a lot like Kool-Aid. When people see him they are like, “Hey Bill!” but after you have been around him for a while you find that your tummy aches and you feel a little nauseated.

Pizza Friends

Pizza friends are good anytime. You see them in the morning and you are happy. You see them in the afternoon and you want to hang, and if you see them on the weekend it’s party time! I love my pizza friends (you know who you are) and I never get tired of them.

Broccoli Friends

Broccoli friends are the friends that are good for you. They tell you the truth, set you straight, and keep you from being full of crap. Broccoli friends are the type of friends that encourage you to go to the gym. They make you wear sun block, they won’t allow you to wear your speedo to the pool, and they are always adjusting your tie and telling you to stand up straight. Parents are Broccoli friends a lot of the time. Broccoli friends can be fun though if they come along with the “Cheese” friends. Broccoli friends for some reason aren’t fun by themselves – but when you put them with “Cheese” friends then suddenly they are a blast.

Cheese Friends

Cheese friends are great in groups. In certain circles they are the life of the party, however, too much cheese can be really bad for you. And you rarely want your cheese friends by themselves. Cheese friends have a tendency to be BORE-RING when they are alone. They seem to have nothing to say when they are by themselves, but for some reason when they are put with the right type of person then something magical happens.

Chocolate Friends

They are sugary sweet and they make you feel good about yourself, but too much time around them and you end up all fat and babbly. “Chocolate” friends tell you exactly what you want to hear, they listen to you for hours on end and you can open up to them about anything. The problem with chocolate friends is that they are so good that you can use them all up too quickly and suddenly they are gone when you need them the most. Chocolate friends are very hard to find and when you do find them, be sure to take care of them and not to be greedy with them.

Beer Friends

Beer friends are bad for you. They entice you to go watch movies you don’t want to see. They encourage bad relationships. They get you into fights and they bring out the worst in you. Each time you are with your “Beer” friends you promise yourself that you will never hang out with them again but invariably you do. Beer friends also make you farty and bloated and so it is best to avoid them at all costs.

It is important that we understand the importance of all of our friends. To neglect one type of friend can cause an imbalance in our friend diet and that is not a good thing. Over time you might find that your tastes for certain types of friends changes and you feel guilty because you start to like one friend more than the other. Life is like that. We grow up and our taste “buds” change, there is nothing wrong with it.

So tell me, what type of friend are you?

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