No Drama, No Lies – I Hope.

This weekend was spent here in Plano – where I live. I have to make that point clear to people because I am so often in Denton and Waco where my closest friends are that it seems that I am never here in Plano on the weekends and sometimes not even during the week.

So this weekend I have a dirty apartment to organize due to the flooding that happened on Wednesday the 20th. I don’t like to clean my apartment when it is slightly dirty so you can only imagine the procrastination that metastasizes when I have a good excuse for having a dirty apartment.

Friday night I thought about cleaning my apartment, but the thought of being alone on a Friday night was overwhelming and I quickly ditched that idea and went with Maksim to see The Island. The movie is good, however, I kept thinking “Where in the world did they find so many thin Americans to play those parts and wear those ultra tight-fitting white clothes and look so good?”

I also kept thinking about Scarlett Johansen and what it would feel like to have my lips pressed to hers. I imagine they taste like strawberry and that her skin smells of vanilla and buttercream because my goodness that girl looks delicious. Ladies, if you look like Scarlett, please, please give me a call.

On Saturday I came to work and just about finished up

Check out a sneak peak here. I designed the book cover for Janus Watchers too and was delighted that AF liked it. I am not sure if she is going to keep it, or use it, but I liked the fact that she liked the design so far and liked it enough for her website.

(AF is also EdgyMama. For those of you who don’t know her check out her site if you want to read something much more intelligent than the drivel you will find here.)

I also redesigned Posted Note (to be debuted August 1) and I have been working on my cousins site (don’t click on that link, the site isn’t up yet.)

I am sumo pleased to have purchased such a simple domain name for Kidd. He currently has a website that details all of his life and his pursuit of Olympic stardom, however, it lacks the finesse and style that is Kidd Gomez. He has contracted me to redesign his site by agreeing to pay me half of his annual salary once he starts making anything above 6 figures. (thanks kidd!)

(stop reading here mom)

This weekend I also watched Wedding Crashers with the extremely funny Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Filled to the brim with crass humor and sexual jokes the movie is funny, but not something you watch with mom, tell your mom you went to see, or recommend to anyone due to the graphic R rating and surprise nudity. I laughed really, really hard in this movie even sometimes when I shouldn’t have and so as soon as I finish typing this blog post I plan on purifying my mind by reciting many Bible verses – no lie.

(Mom start reading again here)

After watching Wedding Crashers I popped in to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The movie had already been on for 30 minutes and I had planned on only staying for a quick sneak peak, but I ended up staying for the whole show. Hands down it was the best movie of the three I saw this weekend. The brilliant acting of Johnny Depp and the creative cinematography of Tim Burton was the perfect pairing. I laughed out loud so many times that I thought I was going to pop. I thihk it will be a DVD buy for me and I rarely buy movies because I get bored so easily with things that I can barely tolerate watching them or seeing them again unless they are super amazing. I also must state here for the record that I have never seen the Original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. For the longest time I have heard Oompa Loompa jokes and I didn’t get them – now I do.

So now I am back at work designing my life away on the weekend. The apartment got a modicum of mercy today as I went through and trashed some old bills and magazines that were piling up and were in need of a visit to the dumpster. I also cleaned the bathroom again because the shower curtain fell down today while I was giving myself a peppermint sea salt scrub from head-to-toe. No lie. Mom gave me three jars of different kinds of scrubs about a year ago. They have been sitting on the shelf unused and this morning I decided to give them a try. After scrubbing myself vigorously with all that oily, minty, scratchy, salt; I decided that I don’t mind a little exfoliating because my skin felt silky smooth to the touch like the skin of a ripe tomato. And I smelled good too despite the fact that I was still a little oily when I got out of the shower. I then put on my running clothes and went for a steamy run and further allowed the oils to moisturize my skin.

Who needs a day spa? Just come to my house, use my shower and sea salt scrub and then we’ll go for a run. Ladies only please.

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