A New Relationship

“Where have you been?”

“Walmart, Target, sometimes 7-11”

“I was just there – I didn’t see you at those places”

“Maybe you weren’t looking in the right place?”

“Don’t sass me, you have no right to sass me, I don’t deserve this, I am a MAN and you will treat me like one!”

“I am not sassing you, I am just stating the facts”

“Well for the last 29 years I have needed you and suddenly I find you and now I can’t live without you”

“You are always so dramatic, why are you always SO DRAMATIC”

“What I am is REAL, a little emotional at times, but real nonetheless. People don’t always get me, but I expected you to.”

“I am just a copper scrubber, how am I supposed to get you? You need to get a life.”

“Oh, just for that I am going to stuff your face in a huge pot of dirty soapy water and when I am done with you I am going to leave you filled with bits and pieces of scrambled eggs and bacon and you can just sit there on the counter until I get home from work – how do you like that?”

“Um, you dim wit, that is what I am supposed to do, I freakin’ live for that sort of thing”

“Is that so? Well then I am going to put you in the drawer and never use you again then!”

“Yeah right, you need me, now that you have found me you can’t live without me.”

“Now look who is being dramatic, you big drama queen, we’ll just see who needs who more.”

And that is pretty much how dish washing went last night. I couldn’t believe how handy those copper scrubbers could be for scrubbing away tough grime on a dirty pan. I burned some onions in a pan and let the pan soak for days scrubbing away every day using a green scrubber and finally I gave up – I actually considered throwing the pan away! Then I found the copper scrubber – I now thank God for the copper scrubber every day – EVERY DAY.

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