Austin – Here We Come!

Tonight I leave for a short road trip to Austin. I have lived in Texas my entire 29 years of existence and I have never been to our states capitol. I know what you are thinking, “What a reject from hee-haw!” And if you are thinking that then you are totaly justified. Most of my life here in Texas has been devoted to eating, sleeping, and not cleaning. My momma if she new what a laze she raised would probably be shocked and surprised and if she wasn’t such an unconditionally loving mother she would probably have her name stricken from my birth certificate and have it replaced with someone like Kerstie Alley or Anna Nicole Smith.

Dumas and Cody will be road trippin’ with me and although it is called a road trip we plan to take a few acid trips as well – that is if I can get a recipe for acid online and all the subsequent ingredients at the Albertson’s by my house which is notorious for not having one crucial ingredient for every single special dish I try to whip up.

We will be traveling in a large Ford F250 Diesel pick up truck because when you live in Texas you have to have a truck and the bigger the better. I also plan to wear a straw cowboy hat, cowboy boots, overalls and leather chaps if I can find some in my size.

For lodging we will be staying in a palatial condo owned by a very famous photographer that is currently in France taking photos of the Tour de France. He is cousin to the ever popular Jonathan Dumas who just so happens to have a French name the same last name as Alexander Dumas who wrote the extraordinarily revengeful Count of Monte Cristo.

What is our quest? We plan to see the sites, take pictures of various locales and hot spots in Austin and bring back hordes of pictures that will leave you foaming at the mouth with delight. After viewing these pictures you will need for nothing, not money, not air, not even food because these pictures will be so great that you will probably spontaneously combust with excitement and or disappointment. The goal here at Posted Note is to twist your emotions in such a way that it totally melts your gray matter and you don’t know what is up or down and you are left in a fetal position lying on the floor rocking back and forth in a state of delerium.

During this mini-vacation I do not plan to post any new posts here at Posted Note, however, that does not mean that you cannot come back to visit Posted Note, pore through the archives, read every last word that I have written, and subsequently find yourself with an IQ Level up to but not exceeding the IQ of Einstein multipled by the square root of pi.

I hope each of you has a delightful weekend wherever you are, and if you live in Austin then I would love to see you so drop me a line and we’ll share a hit of homemade acid.

Authors Note: Doing drugs is stupid and wrong and making homemade drugs is also stupid and we at Posted Note do not condone drug usage. If you have a problem with drugs then please get help.

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