I Fondefinitely Do

Have you ever been out for Fondue with 3 crazy friends? If not then I suggest you go immediately.

Monday night Jessica and her husband Roger, myself, and KT of Kpinion all went out to dinner to The Melting Pot in Addison. Roger created the surprise birthday dinner for her and you can see pictures of us over at Jessica’s site.

I have had fondue once at a friends house before, but it was nothing like what we had at The Melting Pot. Hot melted swiss cheese mixed with cracked pepper, brandy, and white wine with apples and bread for dipping. With each bite I went into another level of heaven. When the bowl of cheese was empty I immediately started to go into post cheese depression.

Fortunately, Chance our uber hilarious waiter, immediately brought over another fondue pot filled with steaming spices and herbs and plates full of various meats. Duck, Chicken, Pork, Salmon- almost immediately the cheese was forgotten and my spirits were lifted. I consumed bite after bite of freshly cooked meat covered in various sauces. My mouth practically had a seizure of pleasure as my teeth masticated each and every scrumptious morsel.

Soon the meat was gone and I was ready for dessert.

Plates of cheesecake, marshmallows, brownies, poundcake, strawberries, and bananas were brought out, as well as an already warm bowl of caramel and chocolate. After my first taste of the warm melted chocolate I had an out of body experience.

Floating on an ethereal plane I think I saw the face of Jesus. A never before felt euphoria settled into my being and the waves of pleasure I experienced were definitely otherworldly. As each bite was consumed I experienced this same explosive pleasure again and again. I dipped in and out, in and out of this bowl of goodness and when it was finally consumed I feened for more like a heroine addict. My body convulsed and I almost when into a full epileptic seizure. Fortunately, my companions had experienced this type of reaction before and so they immediately began talking me through this withdrawal.

Soon thereafter, having regained my faculties, I made my way to my vehicle feeling similar to the way Lance Armstrong must have felt after he won his 6th Tour de France – elated, satisfied, tired.

So if you haven’t gone to The Melting Pot, I recommend you go, go now! What are you waiting for Silly!

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