Weekend Update

Fantastic Four Bewitched

Friday night I went and saw Bewitched with a good friend of mine – Nathan Allison. Nathan got married a month ago today and his wife already had to have a “Girls Night Out” – can’t say I blame her. (just kidding nathan!)

Fantastic Four was really funny. I laughed numerous times and would watch it again in a heartbeat. I think it will be a DVD buy for me.

Saturday I went with Jimmy and Jill to Houston’s here in Dallas off of Preston and Royal. If you live here in Dallas then it is a “must eat” restaurant. Everything is very warmly lit, the place is uber trendy without being pretentious. I really enjoyed it. After an early lunch we all went to see Bewitched and I laughed so loud once that I embarrassed myself which is a rarity.

Designs Within Reach

Sunday I worked on Anne Fitten’s site, her actual book site, not her blog site. It is going supremely well and should be 99% complete this week. However, I had a few requests for template designs and so I obliged with these two latest installments.

Have you heard of The Phantom Prof? She also writes this blog about reality TV and so I put together this site for her. Her actual site where the template may or may not be posted yet is: or which the template on that site was also created by eddo.

Another site I created for Steve is located here:

Steve asked for something with Crosses and so I came up with this site. Steve, however, is in Russia I believe and so his template won’t be posted until he gets back. His site is here:

I hope everyone had a great weekend and look for something more metaphorical later this week from Posted Note.

Who loves you? Eddo of Posted Note.

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