Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Lodge Contest

Contest runs from 6/23 - 8/1/2005

This masthead was really inspired by Frank Peretti's book Monster - I didn't mention that before because I was saving it for this contest.

In each chapter of Peretti's book things happen and we get a cool topographical map that shows where things happened. For instance; if someone died in the previous chapter, then at the start of the next chapter we would have a topographical map showing where they died. It was very cool and it inspired me to do something similar wherein I have little things happening in the masthead of this site. It will sort of be like a "Where's Waldo" only better.

Perhaps one week I will have campers, the next week I will have new flora and fauna, a flood may cause a ravine to show up someplace new- you get the idea.

Some things will come and go and so you will have to pay attention. The contest will end on August 1st and whoever is the first one to post all of the correct items in the comments section of the current post anytime after 12AM on August 1st will win a gift card for 50.00 dollars to Best Buy or Starbucks.

There will be no new items added to the masthead after the 1st, but that doesn't mean that the masthead is going to go away on the 1st.

The contest starts today - remember, some things will show up for only a day at a time and so you want to stay on your toes.

I will also add a link to this post on the side bar titled "Contest" so that if you need to you can refer back to this information.


Katie said...

So is this a weekly change thing or will it be daily? I'm so on this contest and need to know the expectations placed on me to win.

7:09 AM  
Ben said...

CONTEST?? Eddie... I don't care if I don't like your blog... I am reading it if not only to win this $50.00 Gift Card.


7:15 AM  
Eddo said...

It could be a daily thing, it might be weekly - most likely it will be every other day, but I won't post anything on the weekends as that is just too much to keep up with for me and my readers.

Ben do they have a Best Buy in Minnesota? Do they have a Starbucks? I know you guys live in the sticks...

8:06 AM  
Ben said...

Are you kidding me? Best Buy's Corporate Headquarters is located in Minnesota. Do we have Best Buys... Star Bucks... Big talk from a guy who was originally from Denton.

*Laughs Scoffingly.*

8:25 AM  
Ben said...

Also... why don't you stop by my site before 5:30 today.


8:26 AM  
Eddo said...

So funny Ben - I just love trash talking you...

8:26 AM  
Eddo said...

oh, I just saw that other comment - the gloves are coming off -

*jab, uppercut, kidney punch, adams apple crush with the side of my hand"

8:27 AM  
jes said...

i love this new design!

8:40 AM  
Robin said...

Really nice design Eddo.

9:52 AM  
toki the tikki goddess said...

I think I may have missed the start of the contest, but it's okay. I've enjoyed browsing the site regardless. I wish I could tell you how I found my way here, but my attention span..."Let's go ride bikes!"

...I'll be back, I'm quite sure.

10:48 AM  
MsThang said...

Great idea Eddo, and as usual I will continue to stalk your site looking for the most minute little changes.

12:35 PM  
jes said...

TOKI TTG: the contest started today, so you haven't missed a thing!

12:40 PM  
Night Flier said...

Contests...I love Contests..

Is that 12AM on 8/1 Central Time? Have to ask. Just to be sure.

12:57 PM  
Ben said...


Yeah Eddie... Is that Central Time??

(inside joke)


1:03 PM  
Eddo said...

Yes Ben - and that is the same time here as it is in Minnesota... just pour salt in me wounds.

Also, CST is the correct time zone - so if you are in China - don't try to jump the gun - jimmy, or if you are in Italy- Msthang... msthang - do you even have a Best Buy in Italy? Perhaps this contest should only be open to residents of U.S. and Canada? Just kidding.

1:36 PM  
Live, Love, Laugh said...

what will you come up with next? Just give me the $50 gift certificate cause I want it and I am your mom and I love to buy things from Best Buy to go with my digital camera and cause of all the reasons you know why you should let me have it! I want it, I want it, I want it!! Please??????

1:40 PM  
Faith in Florida said...

Okay. so will you ask questions on the Aug. 1st post? Is this how this will work, and then if we answer them correctly (first)..we win??

1:43 PM  
toki the tikki goddess said...

pardon me. I am retarded. I have no clue why I associated June 23rd with somehow being last week. This is your brain on very little sleep.

as you were. I will be using my powers of deductive reasoning, as well as my singularly feminine power of "this doesn't make sense, but I'll use it in an argument anyways" to win this contest.

3:12 PM  
Michele said...

The masterhead reminds me of an old "Ski Tahoe" poster my mom and dad have.

Oh, I love contest. Bring it on!

5:04 PM  
Lava said...

I'm gonna win! Love your new look eddo, and love you too!

7:49 PM  
msthang said...

Ben quit drinking the hator-ade! There are no Best Buys here.. HOWEVER I am a pro online shopper, and I will be back in the states in Sept for vacation..

so on that note.. bbbbllllltttttdddddttt
(me sticking my toungue out at you in defiance)

11:10 PM  
msthang said...

Ok I appologize to Ben.. my eyes decieved me.. that comment goes to Eddo lol

11:12 PM  
Edgy Mama said...

Nice, Eddo. Although I was a bit confused when I first logged on--because I didn't know where I was!

Now you can get back to my website!

7:27 AM  
Ben said...

Appology accepted... Yeah Eddie... quit drinking Hator aide. lol.

8:04 AM  
jes said...

another question:

so, will there be a new addition or subtraction on the 1st? because if we post our list on the 1st, and then you make a change on the 1st, how can we be guaranteed that we won't have missed the last change?

am i making this too difficult?

7:27 AM  
Eddo said...

Nope, the contest ends that night of the 31st. So nothing new will be added on the 1st.

7:40 AM  
Amstaff Mom said...

Are you taking the Fourth of July off, or will there be a posting on Monday? Just wondering if I need to log in from home on that day!

5:27 AM  
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