Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wrestlemania - Beyond the Mat - A Posted Note Special

The sport of wrestling has many faces, most of them are contorted with rage, some are twisted by fear, and some are slumped with defeat.

Today we take an in-depth look at one wrestler, Ben Wurktover, who is famous for his site Married in Minnesota. We will see never-before-seen footage of his wrestling journey, a journey filled with very little stardom and plagued mostly by heartache and defeat. In this Posted Note special, we will take you from where Ben's horrific career started in August of 1979 to where it ended brutally in 1993.

Ben in First Grade

Above is a photo of Ben in the first grade. If you look closely you will see an 89 on the trophy, that is not the year ladies and gentleman, unfortunately that stand's for 89th place. Trying to encourage young wrestlers to enter the star-studded world of wrestling, filled with cheering crowds and tight spandex, judges awarded all participants trophy's to make them think they were winners, but in reality, Ben was a loser from the first ring of the bell.

Guess who's gettting pinned - yep, It' Ben again.

Here Ben is being held in an spirit crushing headlock.

For Ben the pain of defeat didn't stop in First Grade, no, it followed him right into high school where he started binge eating to add weight to his slim frame.

Ben having lunch

Ben gained the much needed weight, but in time lost the girls, so in order to slim back down he chose a very dangerous path...

Ben cleaning toilets

At first glance you might have thought that Ben was purging his large food intake, however, Ben found the best way for him to lose weight was in toilet cleaning - look how happy he is.

Things were looking up for Ben until college rolled around and once again the desire to wrestle began to consume him.

Ben getting intimate with the mat.

Ben here in the white, his 140 pound frame slammed on the mat again and again.

This final match made Ben realize that he would never be a professional wrestler, he would never be in the WWE, he would probably never meet The Rock, or Triple H, so he gave up those dreams and started a family.

Here is Ben today, happy, content, living a life filled with diapers and doo doo. He has no regrets.

Ben and Jakers

To hear Ben's side of the story, read here, However, you got the truth first hand, here at Posted Note where we strive to bring you the truth behind the blogger.

Thank you for joining us for Wrestlemania - Beyond the Mat.


Faith in Florida said...

You know I will be one of the first to buy your book...seriously, I love yr writing.

8:22 AM  
jes said...

i'm trying to figure out which of these photos were faked.

8:22 AM  
Eddo said...

Thanks Faith!

Jes what makes you think they were faked???

10:40 AM  
Robin said...


10:58 AM  
Edgy Mama said...

Photos are hilarious. Hmmmm, so you've started rewriting people's stories? Good work.

10:59 AM  
Ben said...

I am speechless. What do you say to a story like this but:

Watch your back Eddie.


11:04 AM  
Eddo said...

Ben, you know you totally had this coming! LOL!

11:06 AM  
Cris said...

I'm wondering if the toilet cleaning smiling guy is really him :P I've never seen anybody that happy cleaning a toilet.

11:42 AM  
Katie said...

Eddie - You win the award today. I don't even need to read any other blogs to know that you take the cake. I was wondering what you had in mind that you requested the BP to look for and now I know. OMW I first thought the pictures were real and you had interviewed Ben or something but as I got through a part of it I realized it had the Eddo touch. Beware of retribution if you try and give any of my stories the Eddie touch. Remember the Kpinion rule (like the Golden Rule but oh so much more factual) If you start it I will finish it. :)

12:16 PM  
Cookie723 said...

WOW Eddo - Katie sounds pretty serious about the 'finishing' bit! (for any 'Lost' fans - reminded me of 'Kate' saying how she'd take Sawyer's place on the raft this week!)
Great job, Eddo, and Ben, don't feel bad - 89th place isn't ALL that bad! :)
Take care!

1:05 PM  
jes said...

you mean, NONE of these wrestling pictures include Ben?

geez. i really AM gullible.

1:13 PM  
Katie said...

Jessica, I don't think any of the pictures even have the same guy in them.

Cookie723, while I do like Kate's powerplay with Sawyer she is not the sweet gal I use to think she was. The "I finish what you start" is mine all mine and can be attested to by some of my prankster friends who will steer clear of me in the future when pranks are involved. I like to not only cross the line but cross into a new country of payback. But alas I am still a sweet gal with a streak of revenge. (insert BIG smile here)

1:53 PM  
SquareSlant said...

Ben...It looks like you got that toilet cleaning down pat...can you come over and clean mine?

Funny post Eddo!

6:45 AM  
f5 macnay said...

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2:44 PM  
Anonymous said...

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9:48 AM  

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