Thursday, December 16, 2004

Babies, Divorce, and Christmas...

I realize that married life has it's benefits, but I am just not ready for it yet. However, I can delight in the fact that my long time friend Sarah (Arnold) Campbell is pregnant with her first child- how wonderful for her and new hubby Stowe, just 10 months of marriage and soon they will have a little family. I can't wait to have kids, but I want to be very financially secure and emotionally stable before I walk into that world of immense responsibility. I have trouble taking care of just me! Cleaning up after ME! Feeding ME!! I know that children are so precious and wonderful that you will sacrifice anything to make sure that they are taken care of. I remember getting attached to my best friends niece of sorts, Jean-Marie, she was only 5 or 6 but she looked like Dakota Fanning and she was so snuggly and sweet, one of those kids that was just smart and grown up and could talk for hours. I thought, man, this kid isn't even mine, but I already want to give her the world and make sure that she is safe and happy. She wasn't perfect, sometimes she was a little brat, but I was crazy about her- kids are special like that.


A really good work friend of mine told me recently that his wife asked for a divorce after 27 years of marriage. I am just 28 years old and so I can't imagine being married to someone for that long and then ending it. I realize that people change and people grow apart. I guess since I have never been married I don't understand what it is like, but it just broke my heart seeing the hurt in his eyes. Every part of me wanted to make suggestions on how to fix things, but I realized I was way out of my league. People don't just decide to end a marriage of 27 years on a whim. No. Something like that would have to have been something that was agonized over for months until the decision was crystal clear and all other options were exhausted. I know that love conquers all, it really does, but what happens when the love is gone?


Christmas is just around the corner and I just am not really feeling it this year. Our family is going to be all over the map and my mom has to work Christmas day!!! YUCK! She works for the police department and she wears a uniform and everything, but she doesn't carry a gun. The other day she said someone came up and said, "So are you a cop? Do you kill people?" and was asking her all these crazy weird questions with crazy bug eyes. It scared my mom and it worried me, my mom is just one of those people that when you go into the jail she points you where you need to go and what papers to fill out- she don't shoot people, so crazy people better BACK OFF, NO ONE MESSES WITH MY MOTHER!!!!

But Christmas Day I will at least get to see mom for a little bit and most of the family will be together. My sister Precious is going to be in Disney World I think. I am crazy about my sisters, we have always been close. They are older than me, but when I turn 29 tomorrow we will be 29, 30, and 31. So we have always been right next to each other in school grades and everything. I am sure going to miss Precious. My other sister Dena will be around, but she is moving to Arlington in January!!! I can't believe it! She has lived in Sanger for the past 20 semod years! She is moving because of school. She will be at UTA for mechanical engineering. But it is not like she is moving out of state, I will just have to make a conscious effort to see her now that she will be so far away. Plano and Arlington are on opposite sides of the metroplex and it might as well be that she is moving to Oklahoma City, because with the traffic it can take just as long to get there.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Jes, I plan to post the next installment of Forget Me Not next week! Stay tuned as the drama unfolds...

2:20 PM  
jes said...

oh, eddie. THANK YOU!

eddie, sometimes i feel bad posting "today the best part of being married is" because i know i have single readers, and i don't want them to feel sad reading that. and i certainly don't want to start posting "today the worst part of being married is..."

i agree with you about divorce. that is sooo-o-o sad for that man. :( I wish they could go to counseling or something. I've gone a lot. Even before i was married. :)

2:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

Wow eddo- that was deep. My heart feels a little heavy right now. Happy Birthday tomorrow enjoy-

4:39 PM  
Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »

5:50 PM  

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